Technology Capability Evaluation Service - A new initiative of D10X

One key problem faced by Venture Capitalist and Angel investors goes like this.
I/We have evaluated the business proposal and roadmap of this startup. It looks great. The concept is really promising. But how do we know that the technology developed is 'capable' of delivering the required

  • Is the design/architecture/code ready for 'production' ? Will it scale as new users are added ?
  • Is the development team capable of delivering the changes/features quickly while still maintaining the stability and quality ?

If the startup is in-capable to deliver on the technology promise then we are wasting our money.

A team that looks great on paper (or in power-point presentation) may turn out be really mediocre in delivering the results. A great business plan may not be backed by an equally good technology implementation and execution. 

How to evaluate the technology capability (including the architecture, design, quality of source code, etc) and judge the probability of success for a startup ?

If this is your problem, D10X has a solution.  We are starting a service to evaluate "Technology Capability Evaluation Service" based on a framework that we developed using our 25+ years of experience in multiple technologies, programming languages, domains, team management and mentor, product management, etc.

  • We discuss and understand the product and business. We analyze the product road map and business goals and target users
  • We evaluate technology capability to achieve these goals. We analyze the aspects like
    1. Technology stack 
    2. Design and architecture
    3. Source code 
    4. Testing practices
    5. DevOps practices and capabilities
    6. Develop process and practices followed by development team (including analyzing version control history)
    7. Capability and Maturity of development team (especially senior developers, architects)
  • Based on the above findings, we will recommend on 
    • Ability to scale
    • Ability to deliver quality consistently
    • Ability to adapt to change and speed of new feature development
    • What are the chances of achieving business goals based on above aspects ?
    • What are the weak areas and recommendations to improve.

If you are interested in availing our 
"Technology Capability Evaluation services", 
contact us at


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