Experiences of Recruiting for a small Startup

Sometime back I posted following message on LinkedIn about Recruitment of juniors and freshers for D10X

This post is about my experiences during this 'recruitment attempt'. Question I want to ask you.  Are these common experiences ?
  1. Interested applicants don't even read the full post/details before applying
    I updated post original post and asked everyone not to 'post' on LinkedIn Talent Search. Still people kept on posting on LinkedIn talent search. 

    I also asked for emailing the resume to contactme@d10x.io mail id.  Still  candidates kept posting "i am interested" comments in the LinkedIn thread, instead of emailing me.
  2. If you are applying for programming job, then you need to give a programming test.
    We sent applicants an email with 3 Code Kata problem statements and asked them to solve the problems in any programming language of their choice. I wanted to see if they have an "aptitude for programming".  These are really small problems. Something you can solve in half hour.

    Approx. 3 out of 10 candidates responded back.  Others (6-7 out of 10) just did not respond in-spite of their "i am interested" msgs. 
  3. Rampant Copy/pasting of programming solutions:
    The candidates which sent the replies, majority of them copy/pasted solutions from 'geeksforgeeks'. Few could not even explain the logic. Few copy/pasted 'half the code' (some functions called in the code but implementation of those functions was missing). If you can't code binary search on your own and still expect a 'high programming job', then its just not going to work.
  4. Exorbitant salary expectations.
    Case in point : 1 year experience on a nearly dead language. Mostly maintenance work. No serious experience of web development. Good analytical skills. Current salary 12 lakh pa. Expected salary 16-18 lakh.  In a way, he is right to expect more salary than in current one but expecting 50% rise on an already high salary !!!  Don't know what to comment. Still it seems some candidates do get such hikes. May its just my perception.
  5. Are really interested in Learning or just high salary ?
    Few cases guys claimed that he wants to change job because he wants to learn. So I offered to give exact same salary as current salary for first 3 months. I promised 20% raise after 3 months, if he is good. If you are interested in Learning and really convinced that you will learn more in D10X, then you should be ready to do demonstrate that you will learning more than salary


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