What we (D10X) look for while recruiting Software Developers?

Recently we have posted job ads on LinkedIn as well contacted various recruitment agencies. As usual, we got hundreds of profiles and most of these are irrelevant/not matching to our requirements.

This could be a result of candidates so desperate to land a decent job


the recruitment agencies / hiring agents carrying out a 'Keyword' search for shortlisting profiles against the requirements.

Both scenarios are commonly prevalent today in the market.

So if you are looking to join D10X, here's a blog that will not only set our expectations right, but will guide you to develop yourself.

At D10X, we look for 2 key attributes in our team members 

  1. Aptitude for Programming:
    It is possible that you have done many courses on programming and you know the syntax. That does not mean you have aptitude for programming. You cannot learn the 'aptitude for programming'. You either have it or you don't. Many candidates fail to write really simple programs. And we reject them quickly even though candidate may have done AWS certification, Java certification etc.
    We always ask candidates to write code. It does not matter you are a fresher or a 10 year experienced person. If you want to join D10X as developer, you have to show that you can program well. We are NOT looking for system architects who are experts in creating lots of diagrams and those who cannot write code.

  2. Attitude of Learning:
    Are you ready to learn on your own?
    Do you have a 'curious mind'?
    What else you have done apart from programming?
    Do you have any interesting hobbies?
    What books you read?
    What are your favourite websites/blogs/YouTube channels etc that you learn new things from?

What we look for in a resume?

  • Do you have GitHub/bitbucket repository?  
  • Have you contributed any bugfixes/features to opensource projects?
  • Have you participated in any hackathons? Especially, Smart India Hackathon (SIH)? 
  • What are the projects you have worked on? Especially for freshers, we look at your final year project and see if you have done anything interesting.
  • Can you program in multiple programming languages and technologies?
What we don't look or ignore in the resume ?
  • Your marks/GPA etc
  • What are your career goals or objectives?  We only care if you are a good developer. 
  • "Hardworking"? We are looking for "smart working" (to some extent lazy people). 
  • Buzzwords:
    If you are saying you have AI/ML/Data Science experience, we look at what you have done. It is possible, you may have read about TensorFlow (or Pytorch) and have written <100 lines of code, then that does not impress us.
  • It matters how you are able to communicate. How good is your English communication? If you can program well but you are not so good in English, then that's OK. We will help you in improving your English communication skills.
Hope this helps!


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