Hyper versatility - a niche

Specialisation and niche offerings are one of the foundational elements of success for any business proposition. Differentiation and industry focus elevates the provider against their competition more, so buyers also are biased towards providers focus and track record that aligns with their needs.  Information Technology propositions are no different however success of application of technology to solve a business problem that we generally term it as “Use Case” is largely dependent on the out of the box thinking of a CTO. There are many ways to solve a same problem. Designing, developing, and implementing a solution that is elegant, scalable, sustainable over a long period is work of an art. It is a completely different ball game when you develop something from scratch vs building a solution on top of a legacy infrastructure.  D10X is known for developing intelligent and agile solutions. D10X Mantra is to use simple solutions rather than 'buzzwords'.  Hyper versatility in probl

What we (D10X) look for while recruiting Software Developers?

Recently we have posted job ads on LinkedIn as well contacted various recruitment agencies. As usual, we got hundreds of profiles and most of these are irrelevant/not matching to our requirements. This could be a result of candidates so desperate to land a decent job OR the recruitment agencies / hiring agents carrying out a 'Keyword' search for shortlisting profiles against the requirements. Both scenarios are commonly prevalent today in the market. So if you are looking to join D10X, here's a blog that will not only set our expectations right, but will guide you to develop yourself. At D10X, we look for 2 key attributes in our team members  Aptitude for Programming: It is possible that you have done many courses on programming and you know the syntax. That does not mean you have aptitude for programming. You cannot learn the 'aptitude for programming'. You either have it or you don't. Many candidates fail to write really simple programs. And we reject them qui

Nitin Bhide (d10x founder) on his work with Smart India Hackathon Initiative

Nitin Bhide (Co-Founder D10X) talking about his experience of  4 years of Contributing to Smart India Hackathon in 4 mins.  Smart India Hackathon is largest hackathon in the world. In this year's hackathon 60,000+ students participated

D10X - 10 Commandments

During early days, We (founders) were discussing about concept of D10X, what kind of work we should do etc.  We codified 10 principles on which to build D10X company, brand and people. We called it "D10X 10 Commandments" We will love hear from your opinion/ideas/comments about these commands.   If you are interested in working with D10X, please email us at

Stop looking for technical co-founders?

Startups today are synonymous to technology companies. It is generally and mostly like a technology or a technology solution that typically solves a problem due to its sheer potential of addressing challenges of individuals, organizations, ecosystems, and in short societies at large and even beyond. Therefore, most startups can be categorized as digital natives.  Quite often we miss this point. Mobility, improvement in penetration of mobile phones, high-quality internet bandwidth along with its falling cost (data services), accessibility of data services, and the favorable global demography, urbanization has added to the frenzy of the startup revolution. Humanity is more focused on solving its problem than ever before. Technology is a means to an end. The existence of a problem, its identification, and validation are the crux of ideation rather than working backward using technology than can potentially solve a problem or rather create a problem that a particular technology can

5 Traits of Highly In-effective/Dysfunctional Outsourced Product Development Companies

We at D10X, are quite often approached by customers who have previously outsourced the software development work to some other software company. The experience they share typically goes like this - Initially, everything seems nice. But after some time, feature development becomes slow. A bug fix adds two or more bugs to system. Bugs remain open because development team is not able to reproduce them etc. At some point, customer gives up and starts searching for another software development partner and cycle repeats. When we talked to our customers, we started seeing a 'pattern' in these dysfunctional "outsourced product development" companies.  If you are a start-up (or a company) and have outsourced your product development or internal software development/maintenance to another company, then do check these symptoms. Please be alarmed in time i f you see any of these symptoms in your "software development team". If so, most likely, your start-up is alr