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8 Questions every founder must ask oneself:

8 Questions every founder must ask oneself: If you are a founder of a start-up or a fairly established tech company, you need to ask yourself the following questions: 1. Are you satisfied with the speed at which the features and functionality is rolled out in production and in the hands of your customers / prospects? 2. Do you believe that you have selected the right tech stack to support your customer base now and in next 2-5 years? 3. Is your team able to make changes to the apps and deploy them frequently? 4. Are you happy with the quality of User Experience (UX), design, performance and quality of code? 5. Do you think with the number of changes and the evolution your app code is easily maintainable? 6. Do you think with the apps you have today are in line with what you envisaged in the beginning? 7. Do you think the security measures taken are adequate and minimize the risks of your business coming to stand-still? ...and most importantly, 8. How fast do you re