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5 Traits of Highly In-effective/Dysfunctional Outsourced Product Development Companies

We at D10X, are quite often approached by customers who have previously outsourced the software development work to some other software company. The experience they share typically goes like this - Initially, everything seems nice. But after some time, feature development becomes slow. A bug fix adds two or more bugs to system. Bugs remain open because development team is not able to reproduce them etc. At some point, customer gives up and starts searching for another software development partner and cycle repeats. When we talked to our customers, we started seeing a 'pattern' in these dysfunctional "outsourced product development" companies.  If you are a start-up (or a company) and have outsourced your product development or internal software development/maintenance to another company, then do check these symptoms. Please be alarmed in time i f you see any of these symptoms in your "software development team". If so, most likely, your start-up is alr