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What we (D10X) look for while recruiting Software Developers?

Recently we have posted job ads on LinkedIn as well contacted various recruitment agencies. As usual, we got hundreds of profiles and most of these are irrelevant/not matching to our requirements. This could be a result of candidates so desperate to land a decent job OR the recruitment agencies / hiring agents carrying out a 'Keyword' search for shortlisting profiles against the requirements. Both scenarios are commonly prevalent today in the market. So if you are looking to join D10X, here's a blog that will not only set our expectations right, but will guide you to develop yourself. At D10X, we look for 2 key attributes in our team members  Aptitude for Programming: It is possible that you have done many courses on programming and you know the syntax. That does not mean you have aptitude for programming. You cannot learn the 'aptitude for programming'. You either have it or you don't. Many candidates fail to write really simple programs. And we reject them qui