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Hyper versatility - a niche

Specialisation and niche offerings are one of the foundational elements of success for any business proposition. Differentiation and industry focus elevates the provider against their competition more, so buyers also are biased towards providers focus and track record that aligns with their needs.  Information Technology propositions are no different however success of application of technology to solve a business problem that we generally term it as “Use Case” is largely dependent on the out of the box thinking of a CTO. There are many ways to solve a same problem. Designing, developing, and implementing a solution that is elegant, scalable, sustainable over a long period is work of an art. It is a completely different ball game when you develop something from scratch vs building a solution on top of a legacy infrastructure.  D10X is known for developing intelligent and agile solutions. D10X Mantra is to use simple solutions rather than 'buzzwords'.  Hyper versatility in probl