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Introducing DXDJ - The D10X Django Foundation Framework

Are you tired of repeatedly spending countless hours developing the same functionalities in Django? Do you want to increase your productivity and quality of code without sacrificing efficiency? Look no further than DXDJ - the D10X Django Foundation Framework! DXDJ is a framework developed by D10X to improve the productivity of Django developers. It adds commonly used functionalities and utilities to improve the efficiency and quality of Django code. DXDJ is based on a curated list of excellent Django and other open-source packages, including Django-tables2, Django-crispy-forms, Twitter Bootstrap 4.6 (soon to be migrated to Bootstrap 5), Django-compressor, and Django-sass-processor. DXDJ comprises several modules, including dxcore, iam, notification, scheduler, server, components, and workflow. DXCore implements core functionalities of DXDJ packages like improved settings, management commands for easy deployment, and enhanced forms. The settings class defines various predefined Django